We will do our best to update this page frequently with new information. Please note that we are educators first, not webmasters. The city’s website will always have the most up-to-date information. Please check back or email Valerie Diaz at msdiaz@highbridgegreen.com or the school principal, Kyle Brillante, at mrbrillante@highbridgegreen.com if you have any questions.

Special Situations

Let everyone in the school community know what your school is doing about:

  • At any time you can opt-into full-time remote by emailing Ms. Waters at mswaters@highbridgegreen.com.

  • Children of essential workers can receive priority child-care here through the Learning Bridges Program. Please fill out this survey here to sign up.

  • Special needs students:

    • All students with disabilities or IEPS will receive their services in person and/or remotely by a licensed teacher or service provider. For any questions regarding IEP services please contact Ms. Liff at msliff@highbridgegreen.com or the school principal, Mr. Brillante, at mrbrillante@highbridgegreen.com.

    • All multilingual language learners will receive English as a New Language (ENL) instruction through a licensed service provider. For any questions about ENL services, please contact the school’s principal, Mr. Brillante, at mrbrillatne@highbridgegreen.com or Ms. Henderson at mshenderson@highbridgegreen.com.