Safety Requirements

Safety Requirements for Students, Families, and Staff

The health and safety of our students, families and staff is our foremost priority. Please familiarize yourself with our safety requirements.

  • All students, staff and visitors must wear a facial mask that covers the nose and mouth.

  • All students, staff and visitors must practice social distancing where possible.

  • Students and staff will be given time to wash or sanitize their hands prior to the start and end of day, before and after meals, and throughout the day.

  • Students, staff and visitors must adhere to social distancing guidelines of 6-feet or more of physical distance in classrooms and school-based activities where possible.

  • If a student or staff member or visitor is not feeling well, they should not come to school.

  • Random temperature checks will be conducted of students, staff and visitors. No information will be tracked or kept.

  • All students, staff and visitors will complete a visitor screening process. It includes the following questions designed to prevent the spread of COVID 19. Sample questions are found here.

  • If someone has symptoms of COVID 19 while at school, a certified nurse will examine and isolate the person. Students will be isolated, monitored by an adult, and need to be picked up by an adult. Staff will need to go home. Everyone is strongly recommended to get tested.

  • In order to return to the building, students, staff or visitors must be symptom free, and may need to quarantine for 14 days, provide written clearance from a doctor and negative test results for COVID 19 depending on medical directions.

  • Steps that the school will take if a student/teacher/staff or a family member has COVID or symptoms of COVID are located here.

  • Directions for local COVID testing can be found here.

Safety Precautions Taken by the School

We are making several adjustments to our building and instruction in order to ensure in-person learning is safe. Here are some examples of our work thus far:

  • Students who receive in-person instruction at the school will be in smaller classes. The class size complies with CDC guidelines regarding physical distance. Some classrooms can accommodate only 10-12 students. Other larger rooms can accommodate 18-20 students. At the moment, our average in person class size is 8-10.

  • Improvements in ventilation, including updating our HVAC system and replacing filters.

  • All classrooms will have windows open to increase air circulation and ventilation.

  • The building will undergo deep cleaning each evening as outlined here. Students and teachers will also incorporate cleaning protocols into class instruction.

  • Changes in traffic flow in stairwells will occur in order to reduce contact and congestion between people.

  • Elevators will be limited to one staff member at a time.

  • Students will not be allowed to congregate in large groups and must maintain social and physical distancing of 6-feet or more where possible.

  • Classrooms will be designed to align with CDC recommendations for 6-feet of space for physical distancing between students and teachers.

  • Bathrooms will be open on each floor and limited to one person at a time.