Student Government & School Store

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What is student of the month? 

  • One person from each class chosen to be Student of the Month

  • Students of the Month will have their photo displayed on bulletin boards on the first floor

  • Students will be nominated and classes will vote on a new winner every month


What is Staff of the Month? 

Coming Soon... 


About our School Store  

Students from each grade will be able to go to the lunchroom and buy something:

-651,751,851 will go on Mondays -652,752,852 will go on Tuesdays -653,753,853 will go on Wednesday -654, 754, 854 will go on Thursdays -655, 755, 855,6/756 will go on Fridays

When you purchase items, you are taking points from your Liveschool checking account!!


Who are your Class Representatives? 

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Student Council Pictures Coming Soon...