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A Bronx Lacrosse Story

A short film about Bronx Lacrosse, an organization that empowers students by teaching life skills through lacrosse. For more information visit

News 12: Best of the Bronx ||September 20, 2017

(Click on image below for full video)

HBGS Featured in a MSQI Stories Video || March 1, 2015

This video walks you through a typical independent reading session during the strategic reading period. The lesson you will see in this video highlights the reading strategy of visualizing and is lesson 19 from Unit 1: Building a Reader’s Identity, of the Strategic Reading Toolkit. You will see a mini-lesson with the teacher modeling a think aloud, independent reading practice, one-on-one conferencing including goal- setting, a closing and share. The Strategic Reading Toolkit can be downloaded from our website and offers a year-long guide for reading instruction during the strategic reading period.

Teach for America Video || May 9, 2014

Click below to watch the video shared at the annual TFA Gala.

China Town Field Trip || March 20, 2014

As part of the students' reading of Dragonwings about the immigrant experience,Highbridge Green School students and families went on a scavenger hunt to Chinatown. The purpose was to give students first hand experience of the visual imagery represented in the book. Approximately 30 students and families joined Ms. Staab, Mr. Crouthamel, and Ms. Weiss on the Saturday, March 15th . PA President Jose Gonzalez (2014) captured the afternoon in video.

Podcast || April 6, 2013

"Green Philosophy Rooted at New Middle School" || School Construction News