FAQ: Frequently asked Questions

Is this a uniform school?

YES! All students will wear a uniform in order to prepare them for professional opportunities in the future. We will notify accepted students and their families about the uniform policy.

How do I find out about important dates and events at The Highbridge Green School?

2017-18 DOE CALENDAR here
HBGS School Calendar Coming Soon

How much homework will my child have?

We are an academically rigorous school that prepare students for high school, college and careers. As a result, there will be homework every night for students to complete.

How long is the school day at The Highbridge Green School?

6th & 7th Graders Monday - Friday  8:30AM-5:10PM  (Regular School Time + WHEDCO)

8th Graders Monday - Wednesday 8:30AM-3:10PM (Regular School Time) Thursday -Friday 8:30AM- 5:10PM (Regular School Time + WHEDCO) * Only students that are on track will be able to stay for Whedco on Thursdays and Fridays

More detailed Bell Schedule Coming soon...

What is the attendance policy of the school?

We have a strict attendance policy. Students are expected to arrive on time and present every day. If you anticipate that your child will be absent more than ten days of school, then the HBGS may not be the best choice for you.

What is the grading policy of the school?

We have a policy of rigorous classification, in line with many high school and college. This means that students are expected to receive an average of 70 or above (2.0 or above) in all classes (including the arts, physical education and health classes) in order to move to the next grade. 

See image on the right for a more detailed numerical scale conversion. 

What is the cellphone policy of the Highbridge Green School?

Please read our cellphone policy by viewing the following document.

What kinds of extracurricular and enrichment classes will you offer?

By the time your child leaves us in eighth grade, they will have had the opportunity to participate in a variety of arts and athletic programs. Some of the programs that are available during the school day and some of them may be available after school.

Do you have partnerships with community organizations and the community?

We are actively seeking community partnerships and families accepted update about our partnerships. We also have a garden and greenhouse that we expect to use over the next year.

How will the garden and greenhouse fit in with the curriculum?

The garden and the greenhouse will be important aspects of the school and the science curriculum. Children can be used to grow food for their lunch program with our Garden Café.

What will you teach my child?

Each child will have four main classes of ELA, Math, Science and Social Studies. We will design our classes to prepare students for the rigors of high school and college, which means they will do a lot of reading and writing. Each child will have a kind of dialy advice to help students develop the skills of the characters that make them great success in high school, college, careers and beyond!