Growing Two Years!

We're so excited to celebrate our latest news! In this edition, check out our latest results on the Degrees of Reading Power test, a nationally normed close-reading assessment that we use to measure our progress towards our two-year reading goal. You'll notice that our sixth graders grew an average of 7 points between September and January -- nearly surpassing our 2 years goal in only three months! (We better set a more rigorous goal!) 

6th Grade Summary

  • Our 6th graders grew an average of 7 points. The national average is 4 points in one year.  This means that our students grew nearly 2 years in 3 months!

  • The biggest shift was a decrease of students in the first quartile and increase of students in the second quartile.

  • In the fall, 84% of our students were ranked in the first quartile. By the winter that number had decreased to 50%

  • In the fall, 4% of our students were ranked in the second quartile. By the winter, we had increased that more than six fold at 26%.

  • We doubled the number of students reading above grade level in the fourth quartile!

7th Grade Summary

  • Our 7th graders grew an average of 5 points in three months, while the national average is 4 points in one year!

  • The biggest shifts were between the third and fourth quartile and between the first and second quartile. 

  • In the fall almost half of our students were reading three or more years below grade level. Now less than a quarter are.  

  • In the fall 1 out of every 10 of our students were ranked in the fourth quartile, reading above grade level and now 1 out of every 4 is!

  • A third of our seventh graders are now reading at or above grade level.