Amazing to See Their Eyes Light Up

Twenty-three HBGS Reading Olympians recently had the chance to take a field trip to Barnes & Noble, led by Ms. Law (Social Studies, Special Education) and Mr. Barr (Paraprofessional). For some of our students, it was the first visit to a bookstore. It won't be the last! At the end of the trip, every student got to choose one book to take back for their own classroom library.

We were able to do this as a result of the generous contributions of friends and supporters through our Holiday Bookraiser. We and our students are very grateful!

It was amazing to see their eyes light up as they saw all the books, and I think that is when they finally realized what the trip was all about. Several students knew exactly what book they wanted, rushed to the computer to find it, or saw it on a displayed and immediately asked "Ms. Law can I go find a place to read now that I have my book?" That was when I realized what this trip was all about!

~Ms. Law