"You're in a really beautiful place."​

It's been an amazing few weeks, Polar Vortex and all!  So, we wanted to take a moment to share some of the highlights with you. 


1) Last Thursday we hosted our second Progress Report Information Celebration Session (our first one was hosted in October). The session was tailored to teach parents how to monitor their children's grades online from our own website (www.highbridgegreen.com/jumprope) whenever they want. Amidst 20-degree weather, we had 72 families turn out for a total of 200 folks. We surveyed the families afterward: 86% indicated that they were "very satisfied" with the quality of education their children are receiving, and 14% indicated that they were "satisfied." None of the families are "disatisfied." A great shout-out to our teachers and staff who make families and the community feel welcomed!

Parents engage with jumprope during the second Progress report info session

Parents engage with jumprope during the second Progress report info session

2) We're proud to announce that Teach For America NYC has invited us to participate in their prestigious Alumni Gala, hosted this spring at the Waldorf Astoria. Not only have we've been invited to share our stories as TFA alums and school leaders, but TFA is going to produce a video about our school, highlighting the work of our staff and students. We're honored to be able to speak at the event, and not the least bit nervous that it'll be in front of an audience of over 1,000 people.

3) We've just completed our latest round of reading tests to measure our students' reading progress towards our big literacy growth goals. The results were promising and indicated we're on the right track. We are so proud of all of the work that our students have done, and we're so grateful for the support that we have had, including from the Middle School Quality Initiative.

4) Our results are in: the Holiday Book-Raiser was a *book-nemonal* success. We raised over $10,000 in cash and book donations! Amazing! With all these newbooks, we're now charged with the exciting task of labeling and organizing them for our classroom libraries. To help, the alumni group of Trinity University (Kyle's alma mater) has graciously volunteered to come to the school on Saturday, March 1st, and help the teachers and the kids.

5) In late December we had our mock quality review -- essentially, a mini-evaluation of the school. Conducted by Elise Dotye from the DOE for half the day, we received a lot of great feedback about our work thus far. Elise said, "you're in a really, really beautiful place, and I'm proud of the work that you've created. In fact, I'm proud to work with you. The school you've created -- it's absolutely beautiful. You've really created a rich learning environment."

You’re in a really, really beautiful place, and I’m proud of the work that you’ve created. In fact, I’m proud to work with you. The school you’ve created — it’s absolutely beautiful. You’ve really created a rich learning environment.
— Elise